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​​​​​​​Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pump

​​​Do you summer on Cape Cod?

Is Central Air Conditioning Too Expensive?

Sick of lugging window AC units from your attic and basement?



During the summer, this highly efficient and versatile heat pump will fill your room or multiple zones with cool, refreshing air. During fall and winter months, it gently warms your room.  Ductless Air Conditioning is the perfect solution. You can add the comfort of air conditioning without the costly installation of ductwork. Perfect for Historic Cape Cod homes and homes that lack the extra space that traditional ductwork would take. Call Barrett Plumbing and Heating to find out how we can keep you cool and comfortable in the summer!

Mini Splits are great for cooling a sunroom, media room or even multiple rooms, a Daikin mini-split air conditioner provides an ideal solution.

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